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Learn about the journey of our thai coconuts from tree to you!

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We believe that fresh coconut water deserves to be treated with respect, as do you.

Why tetra pack and heat pasteurise when you can have Cocoface? Raw, pure and real. We source the best Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand, and deliver them to you, simple as that.

Heating coconut water does increase its shelf life but it also removes so much of it’s nutritional value and flavour. In fact its the fastest way to ruin a magical product. So don’t do it!


It all started with two Coco Nuts, Dash and Charlie. What started as a London pop up market stall turned into a global coconut business with shipments traveling from Thailand to the UK, Ibiza, Russia and Dubai.

We supply whole coconuts, bottled raw coconut water, bulk coconut water & coconut meat to homes, retailers and the cold pressed juice industry.

Our mission from day one has been to make real coconut water more accessible and we are finding many fans along the way…one nut at a time.

Dash and Charlie on a Cocoface Container
Glamour Bespoke

"We got Cocoface on board for the Glamour Reader Event we did with at Gap’s flagship store to launch their GapFit collection. They were the perfect partner and a really great team to work with. In a market now rather saturated with Coconut water offerings, their drink and the experience they offer definitely have the X-factor. Both the Glamour team and the clients at Gap were thrilled."