Grilled Coconut Meat or Flesh.

How To Make Grilled Coconut Meat

Have you ever tried grilling the inner flesh from a young raw coconut? Our guest chef Yael Lapiner has just discovered that how the delicious coconutty flavour is even further intensified when grilled.

scoop and grill



Method: Scoop out the beautiful flesh of a cocoface nut and drizzle with a little coconut oil or sesame oil. Grill the flesh on a griddle pan until the meat becomes less opaque in colour. The edges should start to char before flipping the meat over to gain delicious stripes on the other side. You can continue to develop the char as long as you desire. But my rule of thumb is always ‘once its totally black, you’ve gone to far man’.

Here are some simple ideas or ways to enjoy this lip-smackingly good treat: with fresh mango and a squeeze of lime on a bed of baby spinach and balsamic, with grilled banana and french toast with maple syrup and bacon, as a garnish in coconut based curries, rolled up and on a tooth pick on the side of a pina colada. The list goes on and on and on. OR just on it’s own because really it is that good anyways.