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We’re doing our first collaboration with guest chef Yael Lapiner of Moderately Healthy, who is helping young professionals make the most of their kitchens at home through fun, fast and unassumingly easy recipes. One of her most savvy guidelines is The Triple Standard in which she shows the single diner at home how to make the most of a single grocery shop’s worth. The concept is simple. You make one dish, which becomes another and then again, another. Solo dining can be expensive and often a lot of what we buy goes in the bin before we get around to using it all. She believes this can be easily avoided – all it takes is a little foresight. It’s glorified leftovers. And as she says, leftovers are usually the best anyway!

Inspired by this concept, we approached Yael to develop a series of recipes that’ll show you how to enjoy your raw coconut meat several ways with a SINGLE grocery shop and NO WASTE! If you’re one of our Cocobox subscribers, this is a great way to consume the meat from six coconuts.

And all the recipes are easily adjusted to cater to more than one diner by multiplying the quantities by the number of mouths being fed.


Today we’re presenting the first dish: Chicken & Sweet Corn Curry Noodle Soup With Grilled Coconut Meat. Yes, grilled coconut meat. We’re predicting that this innovative new way to enjoy coconut meat is going to be the next big thing.


Savoury Chicken And Sweet Corn Curry Soup With Noodles and Grilled Coconut Meat Recipe

Shopping list:


Raw Cocoface Coconut meat – Use a Cocojack to open the nut and scoop out the meat, or crack it open with a clever and scoop with a spoon.

Shitake, Enjoki and Shemeji mushrooms – easily found all together in a punnet at Waitrose.

Two raw chicken breasts – free range or organic ideally.

One large sweet corn on the cob.

Baby sweet corn

Green chili

Two or three spring onions

Fresh coriander and Thai basil or basil is just fine if you cannot find the Thai variety.

Half a lime.

From the Pantry:

1 liter of chicken stock

400ml organic coconut milk

30 ml coconut cream

200g dry rice vermicelli noodles

2 ½ tablespoons good quality Thai green curry paste (you are welcome to make your own but convenience is sometimes key)

Sesame oil

Tamari (gluten free soy sauce)


Cucumber ribbons

Radish slices

Fresh herbs

Black sesame seeds


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In a pan bring the stock, two spring onions, the mushroom stalks and a thumb size knob of ginger to a gentle boil. Place the chicken breast in the liquid and poach until the flesh is bouncy, firm and white throughout. Remove everything from the stock and set aside to use later.

Add the curry paste to the stock and bring to a simmer. Allow the paste to infuse the liquid with it’s fragrant charm.

Put the kettle on and place the dry noodles in a bowl large enough to cover entirely with boiling hot water. Always follow the instructions on the pack but in my experience it is best to keep an eye on these as overcooking can ruin everything. When noodles are perfect so is life. No longer than ten minutes I assure you.

Drain the water and run the noodles under cold water to fresh them and stock the cooking process. Set aside.

Concentrate on washing your herbs, cutting the corn off of the cob and slicing green chili very thinly. I suggest in investing in a Japanese mandolin. Very inexpensive but they can make your food look totally expensive. Use the julienne blade to make long ribbons of cool cucumber. Wafer thin slices of green chili add heat without blowing your mind and take radishes to a point of transparent beauty.

Coat the baby corn, mushrooms and coconut meat in sesame oil. Place a griddle pan on high heat.

Grill these until gorgeously charred. You want a bit of burnt crusty goodness. Now do the same with the chicken breasts. Allow to colour slightly and reheat.

Turn attention back to the soup base. Incorporate a can of coconut milk and half a can of coconut cream. Mix vigorously until beautifully smooth. Do not over boil – doing so would turn the liquid into sauce and we’re kind of going for a soup here. Unless in which case you would prefer a more heavy consistency – simmer down until you find a thickness you desire.

Pop the corn cut off of the cob into the warm liquid to poach ever so slightly.

Cut the chicken breasts into diagonal slices.


Place a generous amount of noodles at the base of a wide bowl. Cover with the soup and corn until the noodles are just covered. Gently place the chicken breast, grilled coconut meat, mushrooms and baby corn in the centre of the bowl. Garnish with fresh herbs, cucumber, radish etc and sprinkle black sesame seeds in a circular fashion around the toppings.


Chicken & Sweet Corn Curry With Grilled Coconut Meat Recipe