Coconut And Corn Curry Soup

Behold, here is the third installment of Yael Lapinter’s “THE TRIPLE STANDARD” In case you missed it – the triple standard is the concept of making one dish, which becomes another and then again, another, from one set of ingredients.

This one is called: Blend it like Beckham (like his return to the field, this soup is a comeback of previous victory)

The method is simple, and as easy as one, two three…

Remember that time we made coconut and sweet-corn curry noodle soup? Well with the leftover soup liquid and sweet corn chilling in there, you can easily wiz that up in a Nutribullet or blender or with a hand held blender into a fine seconding coming of…something godly. If you find the consistency a little thick, add some water or stock until you are satisfied.

Secondly, we can grill some more baby corn as garnish because we want nothing to go to waste. Along with that, I like to adorn this soup with some fresh coriander, chopped red chilly for extra kick, some black sesame seeds for sex appeal and a swirl of coconut milk adding a sophisticated charm. Doing so could in fact fool a friend into thinking you made this for him or her from scratch unknowing you had the first, more complex version for yourself, you greedy scoundrel.

Thirdly, make sure this soup is served hot. Hot just like you because lets face it, you are glowing from the inside out because of all those good, monounsaturated fats from your cocoface raw nuts.

The Extra’s all in salad.

Leftovers are often dreaded, discarded or seen as an unwelcome guest in the fridge. You leave them there thinking you will be a good person and consume your consumed, when the bin is where it’s almost always headed. Rice noodles, poached chicken, fresh herbs, and a few extra fresh, crisp veggies is what profit turning Asian fast-food joints are made of. Spare yourself a few pounds, and be smart. Take your lunch to work the day after eating your noodles the night before. A simple, easy dressing like this one will bring it all to life. Throw in some seeds or peanuts for that extra crunch munch. Go get em’ cocface lovers.


2 tablespoons of tamari

2 tablespoons sesame oil

tsp rice wine vinegar

2 tsp finely grated fresh ginger

1 tsp peanut butter/nut butter of choice/no butter if you wish

squeeze of lime

three tablespoons of toasted desiccated coconut

fresh chili if you’re like me and love a sting on the lip